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Bike Fittings

Meet Your Bedford Wheel House Fitter

Pete Kocher

Peter Kocher is the founder of Bedford Wheel House and Ride Brooklyn, which opened in June 2023 and May of 2009 respectively. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. He has both FIST and SBCU Certification. Peter has been a Professional Fit Specialist for over 20 years, with over 1000 fits to his credit.

His own experience with Bicycle Fit, Mechanics, and Racing, combined with a personal diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, gives him a unique window into the challenges many face when trying to get the most out of our cycling experience. Whether trying to seek extra watts out of your race machine or deal with an old injury that makes riding distance a challenge, Peter will help you achieve your goals.

Email to Schedule a Bike Fit in Bedford

Pro Fit


1.5 Hours

Analysis of current riding position

Cleat fitting

Equipment recommendations

Compare a variety of saddles and handlebars

30 day adjustment period

Most Cleat, Stem, Saddle and Bar adjustments included

Form detailing adjustments for future reference

Follow up if needed @ $100/hr

Pro Fit


2.5 Hours

Analysis of current riding position

Cleat fitting

Equipment recommendations

Bike Trainer provided

Flexibility Assessment

Most Cleat, Stem, Saddle and Bar adjustments included

Peloton Fit


1.5 Hours

Consultation to address concerns

Position and cleat check

Flexibility assessment

Position optimization

Shoe Cleat position correction

Fit Set-Up sheet

Virtual Fit


1 Hour

On bike Video analysis

Video consultation

Guidance on bike set up

Instruction on proper cleat set up

Tips on pedaling and on bike technique 

Virtual  Flexibility assessment

Pro Fit

The Pro-fit is for people looking for the best riding position on their current bike. We start with a short interview to discuss your goals and a quick flexibility assessment. We then find the ideal cleat position and set you up on the trainer. Then we observe your position and pedal stroke. Using our adjustable fit stem and other tools, we utilize your feedback combined with our knowledge and years of experience to make adjustments and get you into the most comfortable and efficient position possible on your bike.


*If you are looking to fit or purchase clip-on aero bars for your bike, please be sure to include the Tri Fit Add-on. Minor equipment adjustments and saddle install is included. More involved equipment changes, adjustments, and installs are charged at shop rate.

In-Home Pro Fit

For those who prefer to get the best possible set up on their bike in the comfort of their own home, we have the In-Home Pro fit. Our fit Pro will come to you and bring our professional fit kit to your home. We'll use our stationary trainer on your bike combined without fitting tools to get you perfectly dialed right in your living room. This fit starts with a short interview to assess your goals and any physical discomfort or limitations. We then do a brief flexibility assessment. Next, we mount your bike to one of our stationary bike trainers and tweak your riding position from your cleats to your handlebars. This is done using our fit stem and other alignment and measuring tools combined with our years of experience and knowledge of current fitting techniques and trends. We'll make the appropriate changes and leave you with a form describing all the new measurements for future reference.

Minor cleat, bar, stem, and saddle adjustments are done on the spot and included in the fit. If necessary, we can make more extensive shop changes for an additional charge.

In-Home Peloton Fit

A Peloton is an investment in your personal well-being. We can help you to get the most out of that investment with a professional Peloton bike fit. A poor position on your Peloton could not only hold you back from achieving the gains you desire, but it could also lead to repetitive stress injuries.
We start with a short interview and a flexibility assessment. We need to make sure all the adjustments we make on the bike are well within the riders' limitations. This is important as we do not want to aggravate any past/current injuries or create repetitive stress injuries resulting from a poor position on your Peloton. Next, we move on to the Pedal-Cleat interface. This is extremely important as foot and knee pains are attributed to how a rider's cleats have been positioned to the shoe. Moving onto the bike, there is quite a bit of adjustability. Like any bicycle ridden outdoors, we can quickly make adjustments to saddle angle, saddle for/aft, saddle height, Q-factor, handlebar adjustments, and more. With our findings from the flexibility assessment, we can fine-tune the fit, making sure the pelvis, feet, and hands are all connecting properly with the bike!
We'll help you measure and/or mark the bike so you can always get back to your perfect position if more than one rider is using the bike.
***The Peloton Fit is done in your home on your Peloton! Our Time and Travel is filtered into the price you see here within a 25 Mile Radius. Anything over 25 miles, please send us an email.
If you have any questions on Peloton fitting, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you.

Virtual Fit Consultation

Not comfortable coming into the shop yet? Maybe you just can't seem to find the time to make your way to our Park Slope store? Perhaps you're a zillion miles away? The Virtual Fit is the next best option when you can't get that in-person experience.

We utilize photos and video footage to assess your position and make recommendations on your best setup. We'll let you know what footage and pictures we need and have you send them ahead of time for us to analyze. We'll then set up a video chat session to walk you through making changes to your ride. This works best with an indoor trainer and a friend or relative to help with the initial video. We can work with you if those are not available options.

After making the suggested changes and getting a couple of rides, we'll set up a follow-up chat to discuss and help with any fine-tuning. That may be needed.

Additional sessions can be billed at $50/half hr.

Contact us to schedule your bike fit today.